Meadowwood is a small homestead located one hour south of Seattle near Enumclaw, WA. We are located on the Enumclaw plateau which was formed from an ancient mud flow from Mt. Rainier. The soils here are fertile but tend to be very wet.
   We started Meadowwood when we became concerned about where our food comes from. With a desire to have wholesome, non-polluted, locally grown food, we planted our gardens and orchard. We supply most of our diet with the gardens and the animals raised here. We freeze, dry, and can, fruit and vegetables for out of season use. The extra produce is sold to families locally.
   We use renewable, sustainable, organic methods on our land. Although we are not certified organic we follow organic practices. Soil health is maintained with green cover crops and compost. Kelp meal is used to add trace minerals as needed. Seed is harvested from heirloom  vegetables for planting the following year.
   Our pastures are a salad bar of various grasses and forbes full of minerals and vitamins the animals need.  Organic grains and hay are used to supplement the animals diet in winter.
    In 2007, our homestead turned into a full time business
with certified, raw, Jersey cow milk as our specilty. We concentrate on milk and pasture raised eggs.  We sell milk, eggs, beef and pork in our farm store.  We love supporting our  family and community with good food, year round.

Respectfully,                        1-360-802-3845        
Tom and Darlene