Quantity                         Price
1 gallon whole milk                     $12.00
1/2 gallon whole milk                   $6.50 
 trial size chuggers (8oz)       
Raw Goat Milk 1/2 gallon   $10.00
(from Left Foot Farm, Eatonville WA
delivered on Thursday afternoon every week)


Resale not really raw cheese
8 oz (1/2 lb) cheese  Organic Valley    $7.00 each(jack, mild or sharp cheddar) 
Sierra Nevada Cheese Co raw cheese $7.00 each
(pepper jack and cheddar)

Pasturized cottage cheese, cream cheese,sour
cream and butter also available


EGGS Pasture Raised Organically Fed
Chicken      $7.00/dozen
Beef pasture raised, grass fed
on chemical free pasture  
price per pound   
NY Steak -  $14.00/lb
Rib Eye Steak -  $14.00/lb
T Bone Steak   - $13.00/lb
Rib Steak  -  $13.00/lb
Top Sirloin Steak $12.00/lb
Ground beef - $ 7.00/lb
Pot Roast - $ 6.00-$8.00/lb
Tenderloin -  $ 15.00/lb
Beef bones - $4.00/lb
Beef tallow $4.00/lb

Berkshire Pork organic feed only
Ground pork    $9.00/lb
Bratwurst Sausage- links $12/lb
Hot Italian Sausage Links $12/lb
Sweet Italian Sausage Links $12/lb
Breakfast Sausage Links $12/lb
Bacon $14/lb
Pork Chops $10/lb
Pork Roast- bone in - $7/lb 
Pork Fat - $4/lb
Pork Bones $4/lb
Pig Heart $5/lb
Pig Liver $5/lb
Pig Kidneys $2 each
Baby Back Ribs $8/lb
Spare Ribs $7/lb
Bulk sausage (no links) $10/lb
Lard Fat - $4/lb



Washington State Raw Honey
Assorted honey. Prices from

All our products are GMO FREE
Now carrying Olykraut
We have several
 varieties of
raw, organic kraut!
Prices from
$8-9.50/ jar

Aged Cow Manure
$30 for pickup load