Want to raise your own pork?
Piglets will be available for sale when they are 2 months old.  Cost $200.00 each.  Let us know and we will reserve one for you from the next litter.
We sell pork by the 1/2 and whole pig.
The cost is $6.00/lb plus the cost of processing the meat. Curing and smoking cost extra, if you choose to have some of your meat made into bacon and ham.  We use a local butcher who will make custom cuts to order as well as ham, bacon and sausage.  A half a pig has about 70-100 lbs of meat.

We sell frozen cuts of chemical free pork in our farm store.  It has been processed by USDA facilities. 
Click on the Store tab for pricing and a list of cuts.
Our pigs are fed certified organic pig feed and extra skim milk.  The pigs forage in the woods behind our house and love the roots, worms and other goodies the woods provide.